Greetings, stalkers, creepers, and the few who are genuinely interested in this blog.

If you randomly stumbled upon this page as you were messing with Google, then kudos to you. Please understand that such a find is likely of a serendipitous nature, and serendipity also plays into the fact that you are reading a message instructing you to tell all of your friends about this blog.

Why I love WordPress: It auto-saves every minute. Nothing more frustrating than a copy/paste messing up or if you are forced to shut your computer down mid-post.

Why I bother with this blog:

1) I wish to motivate myself to continue what I love to do: Writing. I find this blog has potential to serve as a tool to improve my writing.

2) Commenting on message boards that cover your interests is littered with individuals who call you fantastic names such as “prick,” “faggie,” “troll,” and my favourite by far, “a pricky faggoty troll.” Therefore, creating this blog will give me a break from these interesting names.

3) The 440 character allotment in Facebook status updates does not appease me. I can go on soliloquies and rants that go on for a word count that, at times, can be considered quite excessive. Thus, the blog can allow me to far exceed that. In fact, some posts have around 5, 000 words. Incredible.

4) The 44o character allotment does not allow me to cover every idea, subject, and topic that I wish to insult. Now, no one is safe when you enter here. The wake-up call to how insulting I can be at times is when I ranted about a topic that Maddox had previously covered. My friend told me “this is exactly like an article I read online a few years ago,” and boom, I was led to Maddox’s website. Most people would re-evaluate themselves when such an occurrence happens…but I simply don’t care. Oh my, who is the bad boy now?

This would be the part where most people would say “this guy,” but certainly not me. Why? Because I lack in the upper body strength department, and a leather jacket would force me to sink to the ground. I can be a weak guy who insults at his will? Yes, I s’pose that shall be the case.

5) I have always wanted to delete inappropriate comments when the appointed moderators are having a lazy day. So if you post a comment you will be subject to my approval. See? Isn’t it cool to exercise this power?

6) I wish to record my thoughts over an extended period of time. This blog was created in May of 2010 and this edit comes in December of 2011.

7) A keyboard is much faster at recording these thoughts than a hand-written journal entry. My oh my (I am a fan of Dave Niehaus, yes) that would take me years.

Well, that about covers it for this intro. I hope to have my first topic blogged about and posted before eight o’ clock.

What a beautiful day it is outside. . .

Update: If you add six months, then yes I did post at eight o’ clock the following day.

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